Artist Statement

My work focuses on the beauty of liminal realities and the ephemeral balances of life.Influenced by contemplative practices and contemporary physics, I combine disparate parts and different processes to reflect on what it means to be alive. I focus on images of the sky as a universal denominator for life here on earth. Wherever we go, it is always overhead. Clouds emerge from or merge into abstracted structures and architectural forms. Space feels concrete, but is also twisted and uncertain. Poetically on paper, I present the universal waltz between impermanence and form.

Photography and hand drawing suggest uniquely different passages of time; the former a quicker documentary way of seeing and the later a prolonged investigation into understanding. Initially using my camera, I mechanically capture the sky and then slowly, with a gradual deposit of graphite onto the paper, leave traces of my visceral energies into each work. I relish using the mundane pencil to create a generous, hopeful moment. Graphite, like the majority of life on this planet is carbon based, making it a perfect tool to reference the similarity and interconnectedness between everything on earth, on the molecular level and beyond.