Artist Statement

I am drawn to the in-between moments. Thin spaces that are openings between the known and the unknown. My work is an exploration of those moments and an embodied search for meaning. Influenced by physics and contemplative practices, my practice investigates time and embraces uncertainty.

I choose materials and processes for their innate qualities and merge them to forge poetic moments. The empathic looking of drawing is contrasted with the quick documentary nature of photography. The construction of sewing pushes a flat photograph away from the gallery wall to emphasize air and gravity.

Each process is laborious. Drawings are made with tiny mechanical pencils. Paintings come to life via masking off and rubbing pigment across canvas. Small hand stitches connect silk to other forms. The artist’s hand appears through prolonged touch giving my work the signature of a meditative moment and the joy of its repose.

As I continue to combine textiles with painting and drawing, my work exists in its own elegant yet awkward space between two and three dimensions. It leans towards minimalism with clean and sometimes sparse forms. It has a precision that is sometimes interrupted. The work itself seems to be part of a liminal engagement.

My latest work is a play between hard-edge painting and the fluidity of printed fabric. Painted lines shimmer as they engulf the viewer in their physical presence. Forms and patterns come together and then fall apart. Straight, but not perfect, these lines are interrupted by soft skies printed on silk and taffeta. The sky breaks through the darkness in energetic patterns and spills down the wall or wraps behind the canvas edge. Titled "Unfolding the Space Between" this series contrasts the human desire to control with the fluid qualities of nature.