Jennifer Printz boldly declared at the age of five that she wanted to grow up and be an artist. The proof is in her kindergarten “Me” book where she used her Crayolas to draw herself at the easel wearing black Mary Janes while painting a massive rainbow. With a continued interest in great shoes, and the dedication to making art, Jennifer is living her dream.

In the studio, Jennifer gravitates toward mediative and laborious processes. Her practice uses both photography and drawing as differing means to observe her world and unifies them together to make poetic works that reflect the structure of the universe. These beautiful creations have been exhibited widely across the US and abroad including recent exhibitions at the Spartanburg Museum of Art, Chroma Gallery, and International Biennale of Prints in Portugal. Jennifer has been awarded artist residencies in Paris and Malta, both locations having a great influence on her practice. Her work has been included in publications as diverse as Tricycle and the Carolina Review. In 2019, her studio practice was included for in-depth articles in Peripheral ARTeries and In Her Studio.

Beyond her studio practice, Jennifer is also an educator who has honed her skills in a variety of classroom situations from museums to large public research universities. She has taught a wide range of two-dimensional media at the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as, public art and professional practices. Her teaching collaborations include an art and physics class. She believes art education is a successful way for students to develop their creative language and the soft skills needed in today’s world. Jennifer Printz’s scholarly output includes papers given at the SGC International, College Art Association, and Southeastern College Art conferences. The Norton Simon Museum included her essay “Print University” in Proof: The Rise of Printmaking in Southern California. She has also been an active arts leader serving as President of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society and Vice President of External Affairs for SGC International and was awarded a NCAA Emerging Arts Administrators Fellowships. Currently, Jennifer teaches at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.